Sunday, August 22, 2010

Technology - A Homeschooling Parent's Ally

How amazing is it that I can now simply email the 5.75 year old Prince his assignments!!!???

This is what I sent him earlier tonight. Click to enlarge if necessary.

Click here to see his work.

The overriding goal all along has been to accelerate his path to adulthood. These days I am routinely emailing him interesting articles and websites that I come across. Often times I tell him to check out a link I sent him and then *forward* it to his uncle or his grandfather. Before you know it he'll be doing that AND initiating email conversations all on his own.

Last Friday night was surreal. While riding the train into NYC for 10 hours of boozing and phone kept buzzing. The Prince was sending me smart-a$$ emails with sad-face emoticons and whatnot. The little bugger was cracking himself up!

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