Monday, August 30, 2010

Girls, Are They Better At Math?

It's too early to tell in my family, BUT my 4.19 year old daughter, the Princess, is still ahead of her older brother's *math* pace. She finished Kumon's Simple Subtraction book today - a book earmarked for children ages *6,7, or 8*!

Though, let the record show that she is, we think, a bit behind her brother in the reading department.

By no means is this a race or anything.

But if it were, few among those who know my girl would bet against her closing the gap!

She's got an out-of-this-world work ethic and, in many respects an insanely strong personality. The Princess is not afraid of anything on this little planet one bit and, don't you dare cross her. Like her father she comes back over-the-top and can definitely hold grudges for decades(!) with ease, also a la moi.

I pity the landlord who one day tries to evict her! Or the school district that challenges her right to homeschool her brood!

She's the type everyone just would rather *on their side*. I admit that sometimes even I walk on eggshells around all 30 lbs of her.

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