Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dr. Frankenstein, Laughing At Superman!

There's a much-hyped *education* movie coming out next month from the director of "An Inconvenient Truth". Here's the trailer:

Of course I'll have to see it to judge it completely but I sense that, if successful, this movie could be disastrous for American education.

As you can see, the film is well put together and will definitely stir *emotions*. But therein lies the danger.

By focusing on the worst students, and on band-aid/tinkering approaches to improve their government school outcomes, the larger education dialogue has been deflected off-point. Because it's hardly just the ghetto kids whose lives are ruined by Big Education. The system also fails those who ostensibly thrive in it.

While a slew of self-styled do-gooders can in fact make some innovative progress toward improving education in Harlem, the overall negative effect will be to keep a FAILED and DYING system afloat. The monster is almost dead and we have people like Bill Gates and Tim Ferriss, people who essentially achieved all of their out-sized success WORKING OUTSIDE OF THE SYSTEM, these guys are administering CPR to the beast that tormented the rest of us!

I can, and perhaps will, write a whole lot more on this subject.

Here's an analogy.

Consider that our Big Military apologists go scouring all over the earth and find some bad men and their sympathetic victims in the caves of a 4th World country. Then they stand up and scream, "THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO SPEND HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS ON THE MILITARY EACH YEAR!"

Of course, they don't actually say that. They only focus on the heroic narrative and that's enough of a deflection for the unthinking masses who were raised by Dr. Frankenstein's monster.

Click on that Tim Ferriss link above, read the comments on his post, and behold the drunken ardor of self-righteousness. Let's all go and give more money to the *schools*....they really need it!


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