Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Anti-College Argument....Staring The World In Its Face!

And 17 years later I did go to college. But I naively chose a college that was almost as expensive as Stanford, and all of my working-class parents' savings were being spent on my college tuition. After six months, I couldn't see the value in it. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and no idea how college was going to help me figure it out. And here I was spending all of the money my parents had saved their entire life. So I decided to drop out and trust that it would all work out OK. It was pretty scary at the time, but looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

That was Steve Jobs describing himself during Stanford's 2005 commencement speech.

So yeah, he was a perspicacious college drop-out, along with Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and a host of other titanic innovators.

College simply isn't worth the time, the energy, the money, or the humanity it demands.

Not to mention, it's going to take *graduates* at least 10 years - if they are even lucky enough to see what's wrong with themselves - to break off the mental manacles from others-directed learning.  Heck I'm 36 years old and still haven't recovered from the bad advice and false-promises of Big Education.

All these Apple-lovin', Steve Jobs-worshipping geeks...

They have him up on a pedestal but yet still go through with years of schooling themselves AND they send their kids down that path as well!


Anonymous said...

Just be thankful you didn't go to graduate school.

CaptiousNut said...

I took two graduate econometric courses while an undergrad at UPenn. And I did have my application to the graduate Phd program there just about filled out and mailed in before I changed course.

I met a guy (Wharton MBA) who was partnering up with experienced PHLX option traders to start a firm. I was their first hire and never looked back.

Just the thought of being in school for another 4-6 years made me nauseous - and that's before any *cost* analysis!

Anonymous said...

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