Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bible Study Update

I did just finally see this movie:

It was interesting to see the film in the sense that I now have some palpable visual images to go with the umpteen times I've heard and read about the *Passion*.

And, as part of my ongoing, self-directed Bible study program, I just finished typing out the Book of Psalms - before that I had transcribed into a Google Doc the entire book of Proverbs. So after all this Old Testament work I feel like a have a much better handle on it than on the New Testament.

Without much of a plan, for starters I think I'm just going to re-read and re-study the Gospel of John.

Oh, and guess what, my local parish is trying to get me to teach CCD to 14 1st-graders.  I have to talk to the religious education woman next week about what kind of commitment it requires.  Remember, I hope to be snowbirding in Miami for January AND February this coming year.

See also - Modified Bible Study.

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