Sunday, May 03, 2009

More Infighting Boston Morons

First, read this post - Self-Segregating, Hypocritical, Bigoted Anuses - that I penned nearly one year ago.

Apparently, the Anuses are having problems with their financial slavemaster.

West Coast Tom just emailed me a news story on these *holes* from last week's Boston Herald - click here to read.

I know it was only last May, but I simply cannot believe WCT remembered that old post; I certainly didn't. In fact, I've been so prolific that I can't recall much of what I've written. Often times, I peruse Marginalizing Morons to educate myself!

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Taylor Conant said...


As you near old cootdom, not only do you feel the need to re-read your past writings for edification, you also feel the Alzheimeric need to remind us of such as if you've never made this realization before!

(I don't have time to dig up the ref but I am almost CERTAIN there is an old post -- or two -- in which you have made this very sentiment known before!)