Monday, May 11, 2009

Calling Out The Pious

At my local church there is a wonderful woman that stands upfront and *signs* the entire mass for whomever in the parish may be hearing impaired.

I've noticed that she keeps and sips a water bottle on her little podium. What's that all about? She doesn't *say* a single word for about an hour. How could her throat be dry?

Now I know very little about signing so perhaps it's a real athletic, real exhaustive endeavor.

But if it ain't....I say she should be allowed hand lotion but nothing more!

True Story - my brother's ex-wife, who wasn't too familiar with religious services, once cracked open a Snickers bar during Christmas Eve mass. We were sitting up front to boot!


Funny Circus Bears said...

Signing...far more athletic and exhausting than, say, golfing.

On the occasions I am forced into church I always bring a flask.

Anonymous said...

On the occasions I am forced into church someone is either deceased or getting married. But then, I repeat myself.

Anonymous said...

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