Saturday, September 12, 2009

Amazon Marginalizing Amazon

I was thinking about possibly buying that new *reader* by Amazon, the so-called Kindle.

But then I saw that Amazon's own rating system had panned it with only 3.5 stars!

Of course, I never buy the latest, most expensive technology. My cell phone is a $20 POS. My color television is fat-screen and low-def. My golf clubs are 12 year old discontinued Tommy Armour 855s. My cars are sputtering clunkers. My Sony laptop cost $600.

The only thing top-of-the-line in my house is this desktop computer I am using. It cost $3,100.

Except, that's what it cost when I bought it 5 years ago. With desktops I've always bought the best and paid for the extra service/technical support.


Anonymous said...

the latest kindle is a nice piece of hardware. I got a chance to view/play with it recently, and its very decent. If you spend decent time in reading news-papers/books i would buy it. just my 2cents.

CaptiousNut said...

I'll buy one, one day for sure.

But not anytime soon.

I rarely travel and am within proximity of several libraries.

Newspapers....they haven't been in my diet ever - except for when I need blog material.

Some critics said the new, big Kindle was too heavy to hold with one hand. Of course, the tomes I read don't lend themselves to that convenience either.

These days I'm getting more and more into *classics* and turning very against contemporary news/books. And the latter seems to be the main dish on Kindle.