Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Darn Those Copyright Fascists!

Below find one of my 80s YouTube playlists. Click to enlarge. DO NOT LAUGH or I will jam a Rubik's Cube up your...

Slowly but surely, the record label lawyers have gotten all those tracks pulled off the site (see - [video unavailable]). Perhaps they are just trying to drag me into the 1990s?

I'm sure I could rebuild the list. I'm sure I could find all of those tunes out there *slightly misspelled*. Or maybe not?....Google/YouTube is a lot savvier than Napster/Morpheus ever was. AND their flush coffers make them an easier legal target...

That's one of my favs. I can't tell you how many times I played it on the jukebox at Chaucers in Center City Philadelphia. Usually, I liked to invoke it somewhere between my 11th and 13th Yuengling Lager. I'd sit there and imagine I was going to become Charlie Sheen in that movie.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Dude. Just get some Jonas Brothers or something.

Taylor Conant said...


Going to send you an invite to Lala.com where you will get 50 free websongs (web-only versions of your favorite songs) and you can earn 5 web songs up to another 50 for each friend you refer. You can also buy addtl websongs for $.10 and full mp3s with no DRM (Digital Rights Mgmt) for .89, .79 if you already bought the websong.

I just saved your musical life, thank me later... here it comes!