Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Try Extreme Pita

When was the last time we got a new decent fast food franchise?

Had to be Subways, no?

I remember when Boston Chicken was all the rage; their *home cooking* was a culinary relief from decades of Grade D beef burgers and whatnot. Then it became Boston Market....it's stock went to zero and McDonalds bought it out.

Today I finally hit Extreme Pita and was pleasantly surprised.

Everything on the menu looked order-able.

The bread they use is divine. Normally I eschew anything *whole wheat*....but their pitas were made with a 50/50 blend of white and whole wheat and were freakin' delicious.

It was good because it was soft - that's all. Sandwich bread ideally has to be in order to absorb all the juices.

In fact soft bread is THE ONLY reason cheesesteaks and hoagies taste so good in the Philadelphia region. I'm continually astounded at how few people realize this.

Hmmmm....I wonder how that pagan pizza chain is doing?

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