Thursday, September 10, 2009

Online Book Rec

On the unending list of *books I need to read* is still the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

I was pleased to discover the other day that it is online for free!

Autobiography of Ben Franklin

Although, most of the time, the bound copy is more convenient - take to park, the comfort station, read in bed, etc.

How smart was that of somebody to put that classic online amidst Google ads?

There's no copyright or trademark issues with stuff that old - I don't think anyway.

Anyways, I'll probably just print out Ben's autobio!

BTW, I just learned that the actual aphorism was not *a penny saved is a penny earned*! No it was:

A penny saved is two pence dear.

[Though there seems to be some more argument now over whether he said "dear" or "clear". Whatever, right?]

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