Saturday, September 05, 2009

Celebrating What?


You've gotta love Drudge.

While most of us are out there trying to enjoy the beautiful weather we've been blessed with for this long holiday weekend....

He just has to remind everyone that they are jobless!

[9.7% is the latest *official* number I've heard for the unemployment rate.]

The ironical humor is, of course, that Labor Day was founded by the OVERWORKED.

Now here's a chart that's been discussed widely on the blogosphere. Click image to enlarge if necessary:

From the high point of the NASDAQ bubble to today, a span of ten full years, America has enjoyed ZERO private job sector growth.

Are you surprised by that?

I'm not.

Put it this way, how many people do you know have PRODUCTIVE jobs? How many people do you know are in an industry that builds something of value?

For example, Bill Gates built a company upon the Windows operating system; it has improved everyone's efficiency; he's increased free time - and productivity - by lowering administrative costs and whatnot.

But seemingly everyone else - that I know anyway - does nothing. They are money-changers and skimmers for Wall Street firms. Or, they are government agents like teachers and social workers. They are in heavily subsidized propped-up pseudo-businesses like academia, *green tech*, or *biotech*....OR Big Medicine! And let's not overlook the intermediating leeches: agents, accountants, lobbyists, and lawyers! What exactly do they do except tax otherwise freely associating human beings?

[In fairness to the leeches, their jobs have been born of Big Government.]

I'm serious. I know almost nobody who's a party to real production. This economy is just a fiat mirage. The Feds print Monopoly money and dole it out to the politically connected entities and institutions that dominate our economic landscape.

Meanwhile, we all delude ourselves that we are wealthy, that this nation is actually wealthy.

How long can the sliver of our populace that is productive continue to carry this nation?

How long can a runaway Big Government continue to expropriate and squander the fruits of their innovation....without dire consequences?

I'm not going to let Matt Drudge, or anyone else, rain on my cookout.

But I'm no Moron - I'm keeping my umbrella handy for what's imminent.

I just wish I hadn't gotten short the markets so soon....

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