Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Comparable Morons

There's a site out there that *compares* the nutritional content of two given foods - TwoFoods.com.

For example, what did you have for breakfast today:

Of course, if you had the apple you were no doubt: still hungry, cranky, envious of some co-worker's bacon-egg-and-cheese, and probably had the skin stuck between your teeth all day.

Here's another comp for y'all who might laugh at me for drinking light, low-carb beer:

Not possibly able to care less, those were all I checked - and only did so to generate the above graphics.

That's a website for those lazy *counters* I referenced in - The Pangs Of Hunger.

Those Morons will spend 20 minutes comparing foods, 20 minutes that could have otherwise been spent aerobically.

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