Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For All Y'all Walmart Bigots

There's a website out there whose sole mission is to make fun of the *diversity* of Walmart shoppers:

I don't think this is funny. Honest to Allah, I didn't smirk even once looking at the last 500 pics or so on that site!


Anonymous said...


i would have bought it if you didn't swear on allah(peace be upon him).

Anonymous said...

While the pics are hilarious, and I will certainly admit to smirking a lot: How can one be so critical of WalMart and its customers. They are looking out for their own economic best interests-unlike many supposed smart people. IE, buying the items they need and want for the best price they can find. It is snobbish to pick on the store and the customers for that. It is not however snobbish (too much anyway) to laugh at funny looking people.

Slow-Rion out