Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Pangs Of Hunger

Above find my wife's *dietary* dinner from last night. One whole grilled chicken breast and half of a nuked sweet potato - with nary a drop of butter or oil on either.

She's doing this crazy diet that's a combo of starvation and twice-daily workouts.

Ain't nothing like going for a couple of runs on an empty stomach each day!

Her mood was irascible at first, but apparently the immediate results have eased the pangs.

Here's her latest guidebook:

Now how insightful is it to tell people NOT TO EAT and to RUN EVERYDAY?

Ah,...why aren't I writing bestsellers again?

We all are biased and can never really know anyone else's bodies. But still, I think dieting is overrated. I routinely ask people who are *dieting* if they've ever tried working out every single day - even if only a 10 minute run. Yet I've yet to hear a single person say, "Yeah, I hit the gym for 30 days straight and didn't lose a pound."

IMO, people obsess over caloric intake, meal frequency, Weight Watchers points, net carbs, and whatnot BECAUSE THEY ARE LAZY!

They just don't want to run/bike/stairclimb regularly.

I've been telling my wife to run everyday for years. She always insisted that 2-3 lengthy workouts per week were better. I completely disagree and think that 10 intense minutes every single day would work for everyone.

As Will Durant wisely phrased it, "Nothing is more unpopular to say than the truth."


Taylor Conant said...


Tell you wife to pick up an effin' history book and read about how man lived for the better part of the past 10,000 years. Hint, routine, daily travel, chasing and hunting wild animals with periodic eating-by-foraging in between.

So in other words, the body is designed to eat small meals frequently and to be exercised daily. 2mi job around the neighborhood should be a MINIMUM.

Totally agree with you, these diets are all stupid and pointless. Eat what you want and don't be so lazy as to not burn off the extra calories through exercise.

Get her to do yoga with you! Then you won't have to fantasize about magazine women.

CaptiousNut said...

I don't like my fantasies *regulated*.

Anonymous said...

i recently noticed running daily for 20-30 min is actually *easier* than doing a 1 hr every other day.

Inertia is way under-rated/appreciated.

And 20 min workout does look like a "task" more like an errand :)