Thursday, September 24, 2009

So Much Free Stuff Online...

....That home-based education is a cinch!

My son has been doing this timed US Map Quiz all morning.

Your kids (and West Coast Tom) might be sufficiently challenged by it as well.

UPDATE - 1.5 weeks later my son's record is *30 states* in the time alloted. We'll see if he can get them all done by his 5th birthday next month.

UPDATE - 3 weeks since we started on this, his *record* is now 36 states!

UPDATE - less than a month later, the Prince has passed the test!


Taylor Conant said...


OMG, PERFECT! My (8th grade) sister was complaining last night that she wanted to quiz herself on the US map but she didn't have a blank map. I said go find one on the net and that seemed like a gargantuan task for her. I will send her this link.

Anonymous said...

8th grade sister? how old are u taylor? looking at your webste and your coments on this site, i thought you are one old-fat-guy-on-computer.

ah! the beauty of internet. you can say what ever you want.

Taylor Conant said...


She's my older sister. I am in 7th grade.

Anonymous said...

taylor, google search for captiousnut is bringing up your profiling of c-nut. It seems you are NYU grad not anywhere close to 7th grade. that was in 07, so what do u do now anyways?

Taylor Conant said...


HA! You got me! Thought the whole "I'm a 7th grader" diversion would work.

I'm employed. See what else you can dig up with your excellent google skills.

CaptiousNut said...

Hah! Taylor sounds *fat* and *old*.

Think about that, son.

Definitely *cantankerous*....