Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mass Suicide - The DVD Biz

About an hour ago, in my local convenience store, I discovered that Blockbuster had entered the $1/day vending machine DVD rental business.

So is that the death knell for Redbox?

Or will this competitive, self-cannibalizing maneuver be the final nail in Blockbuster's half-interred coffin?

Admittedly I know nothing about the DVD rental business. Pretty much for the past 15 years Hollywood movies have stunk and I stopped watching. I just can't understand who or why anyone would spend their valuable time or money on LCD garbage.

Maybe Blockbuster is aiming to put Redbox out of business? Maybe they are prepared to lose a little dough if it takes out this upstart competitor?

Or, maybe, against my intuition, these vending machines have proven to be a wildly profitable venture?

I have no idea, nor interest enough to research the matter further.

AT SOME POINT, electronic media delivery will arrive, and when that happens I'll be surprised if Netflix, Redbox, and Blockbuster are left standing.


Mark said...

Plenty of great movies out there
Inglourious basterds, Lives of Others, Dark Knight, Departed, Hotel Rwanda, No country for old men, million dollar baby, Up, LOR series, Memento, usual suspects... all in past 15 years to of my head

Taylor Conant said...


Netflix is already offering online instant play versions of many of the films you can rent.

Anonymous said...

From what I hear Redbox is doing very well-they may even be cutting their own deals with studios to get early releases. This may be the only hope of survival for blockbuster. Netflix is way ahead of the game for digital delivery-my folks already have it from them. Heard their CEO talking last week. Sounds like they expect to go completely digital eventually. As demand ramps up they will be able to add more and more titles to their set top boxes.

Slow out