Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Presidential Moron?

From Wikipedia:
In 1981, the MUSE system was demonstrated for the first time in the United States, using the same 5:3 aspect ratio as the Japanese system.[4] Upon visiting a demonstration of MUSE in Washington, US President Ronald Reagan was most impressed and officially declared it "a matter of national interest" to introduce HDTV to the USA.
Clearer color TV programming....a *matter of national interest*???

I'm starting to kick my anti-TV agenda into high gear these days.

Seriously, the argument can easily be made that watching TV is far more unhealthy than smoking. After all, sitting on the couch all day, everyday, is both a mental and physical onslaught. So why shouldn't our nanny statists add *sin taxes* to cable bills as they do with cigarettes and whatnot?


Paul Mitchell said...

Keep hammering this home, C-Nut. It took me all of three months to get the boy that lives with me off the Idiot Box entirely. I have not watched any television, other than Cardinals baseball and college footbaw in years. The programming on television is for the stupid.

CaptiousNut said...


Still watching the gladiators in the Colosseum, eh?

Do you DVR and fast-forward it?

I watched the Patriots v. Colts yday in all of 22 minutes.

Old people might not be deaf because they are *old*.

It could very well be from watching a lifetime of black&white and color TV.

And these dumb young kids will be deaf a whole lot sooner from iPod earphones...

Paul Mitchell said...

I posted a video on my blarq on how I watch college footbaw using my ESPN scoreboard. I watch about eight games at the same time with PiP and there are no commercials at all. To tell the truth, I have not watched baseball in two years because the Cards have not really cranked my tractor because you can no longer go to games without getting shot at.