Monday, November 22, 2010

Shocker! - Government Defends Government

The other day I received this email from a *swine flu enthusiast* doctor:

hey i hope you put this in your blog
a vaccine study for your perusal

Well it's nothing more than a GOVERNMENT study defending a GOVERNMENT ritual - annual useless flu shots.

AND, all it states is that the shot is *not harmful* for one small sample set, over one short period of time. Let's see the SAT scores of those babies in 16 years!

In other words, it doesn't address the issue of whether or not the flu shot actually, you know, WORKS.  Talk about Big Government setting itself a low hurdle!

Personally, I think an expectant mother would be a complete Moron to get a flu shot when they are pregnant, ESPECIALLY one of today's thoroughly untested, rushed-to-market, *pig flu* vaccines. But whatever...

It's almost December and we haven't heard much about the pig flu this year yet, eh?

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1 comment:

Anne Galivan said...

It is so ridiculously bizarre the things they say pregnant and nursing women SHOULDN'T have or take but then they say it's perfectly safe to shoot them up with a DISEASE.

This just makes my blood boil. I am one of those people who actually researches stuff for myself. They will tell you don't take any herbs if you're nursing even though people have been using plants for health purposes for MILLENIA.

Oh the stupidity of it all!