Friday, November 26, 2010

¡Bienvenidos A Miami!

Recall that two years ago I was the youngest snowbird in Naples, pulling off the entire month of January there.

Then last year, I had the red light up for wintering in Florida due to trading losses and an uncertain living condition, then I had the go-ahead and was all geeked up, only to have my (bleepin') landlord and his legal shenanigans quash my southerly aspirations anew.

My wife took a new job last spring and it turns out she has employees and an office that she can work out of in Miami. So all year long I've been geeked up yet again for another winter in Florida.

The whole time she's been warning me that January is a busy month for her and that we'd probably have to wait until February. I simply didn't want to hear it. As far as I'm concerned, January is the *hump* of winter that I need to get over; whereas February is a short month, one in which you can see the light at the end of the winter tunnel at least.

Then just last week my wife found out she has a week-long conference in Miami the second week of January. Since she has to be there anyway that sealed it, I'm green-lighted again - and it's only a month away!

But now I have to find a place in my budget, one that's close to downtown, big enough, furnished, and ideally has internet...

I think my kids will REALLY LIKE South Beach!

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