Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Barney Frank - Re-elected by Very Rich People

Barney Frank - probably nationwide the most despised member of a most despised Congress - was easily re-elected yesterday.

He won by around 24,000 votes in the gerrymandered 4th Congressional district.

But that if you look at the town-by-town breakdown, you'll see that the entire differential comes from but 2 tony towns - Brookline and Newton.

And both of those towns sport households earning very healthy incomes - probably around 150k each ON AVERAGE.

And yet somehow....Barney is seen as the vanguard of the *little guy*!


Taylor Conant said...


It's called "voting your conscience"!

aka, confronting your insecurities in the voting booth

west coast tom. said...

Bro - you are BUSTED!!! It took a while but I got ya'. Check your gmail account.

Justin Time said...

You gotta love the morons in this state. If there was ever a time to re-examine the job performance of the career politicians in the state, I would have guessed it was now. The way this guy won in a landslide, you'd think the economy was running like a well-oiled machine...

CaptiousNut said...


Barney Frank has to die for him to not be re-elected a la Ted Gas-Bag Kennedy.

The only chance for him to lose would be for him to be challenged by a celebrity type of politician (Mitt Romney?). Even then I'm not sure the idiots in Newton and Brookline would vote differently.

I was standing behind a 90 old dinosaur at the polls the other day. He couldn't see, talk, hear, or understand how to vote. I looked at his card....and it was circled in straight across the top for the Dems.