Monday, November 08, 2010

Still Passing Milestones

Sometime last night Marginalizing Morons recorded its 600,000th hit!

While that puts me far below my ambitious goal for 2010 of 1 million hits, it shows that I'm still chugging along hit-wise anyway.

My traffic would have had to double - from 1,000 daily hits to 2,000 - to reach anywhere near my target.

Ironically, it did in fact double over the past six months.

It's just that sometime in the spring (March?), my traffic was mysteriously halved (Google algorithm change?) down to a mere 500 hits per day - before slowly creeping back up to 1,000.

That was indeed very frustrating, as is looking at 0% YoY overall blog traffic growth, but what exactly am I going to do about it? What Google giveth....Google can certainly taketh away.

On the other hand, I could blame: the economy, Obama, and maybe!

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