Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Escape!

I just endured 5 years AND 3 extended visits since departing in May(!) around my extended family in Massachusetts.

AND I've just spent the last 6 months living in a *section* of my MIL's house - with the rest of my inlaws close by as well.

So I figured I needed a break I'd give them a break from me for Thanksgiving.

A couple of weeks ago I called up my cousin in NJ and essentially invited my family to her Thanksgiving dinner.

Now this is one stupid holiday, way too close to Christmas, centered around an inedible bird, and is a travel-nightmare.

Nonetheless, with my cousin accepting my self-invitation....we're going to face-off with insanity and spend 3 hours in traffic, trying to get across Manhattan and over the GW Bridge tomorrow....just so everyone can get a healthy break *from me* on this holiday.

I do hope my inlaws and outlaws are thankful!

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Anne Galivan said...

I know the feeling of being the "outlaw." It's how I've always felt about my husband's family. That's all I'm going to say about THAT.

Fortunately my family, on my mom's side, is super-close. I have dozens of cousins that I grew up with like brothers and sisters (seriously). You have to understand my mom was one of eleven kids and there were 48 grandchildren. And a lot of us grew up very close together - three of my cousins lived only a block away. I love having a close family and it's fortunate I have that with my mom's family or otherwise it'd be nothing.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I'll be going to my sister's. If everyone can just get and stay healthy we'll have a good time.