Sunday, November 07, 2010

Speaking Of Cheap Birthday Parties...

So the other day I blogged on my son's upcoming 6th birthday party....or lack thereof.

It turns out we were invited to a friend's kid's one year old birthday celebration yesterday. Normally, I skip these entirely. For some time I've had a *beer requirement* that wasn't met at most parties.

But we're in New York now. Mrs. C-Nut said that I had to go to this one and promised that it would be okay. After all, her friend was doing the party at a waterfront restaurant.


I scoffed that it was probably going to cost an outrageous *2 grand* or something.

My wife scoffed back, "I'll take the over of that! More like 5 grand..."

Guess what, she was right - and probably still a little on the low side!

It was like a wedding for crying out loud. Eighty or ninety people (mostly adults), a DJ, a professional photographer, a completely open bar, appetizers, and a buffet dinner. Big Bird made an appearance; there was a cotton candy machine; and some fancy Neapolitan cake that had to cost $300 or so.

And my wife was right about it being kind of fun too.

You couldn't beat the setting either.

After almost 5 hours(!), we did finally leave. Exhausted from dancing, various games, running around, and an overload of daughter said she wanted to have her birthday party there.

Very, VERY funny!

Oh, and not for nuthin'....but the people who threw this party are by no means rich - in fact I think they rent a place for around $2,000 a month. Furthermore, they just did throw a similarly-sized bash FOR THE BABY'S BAPTISM!

The entire time there, in between sips of Budweiser beer, I was shaking my head in utter disbelief at this complete waste of money.

But my wife fired back, "This is New York, this is what people do here..."

Well, not us!

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