Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Libertarians Should Resonate

It's amazing, but NO ONE in New York cares that a librarian gets compensated like a Knick point guard:

Warren Redlich of Libertarian Party said the head of the New York Library makes $689,000 a year. "Now I know it’s a big library, but that’s a little much," he said. "There are 110,000 bureaucrats in New York State who make over $100,000 a year. We can save nearly $3 billion if we cap bureaucrat pay at $100,000 a year and cap pensions at $75,000," Redlich added.

Alas, Mr. Redlich, whom I voted for, only garnered about 46,000 votes in his bid to become governor.

Libertarians are still waiting for their messiah. Ron Paul is okay, but at his age, certainly not the one.

But check out this guy - Andre Marrou. If only we could go back in time, and pull him forward to the present!

As impressive as he is, I had never even heard of him before tonight. Videos and web info on him are almost nonexistent.

That clip I just played....had only 400 hits! And look how bare his Wikipedia link is!


Taylor Conant said...

Warren Redlich is intellectually lazy and unfit to carry the title of "libertarian", aka a person concerned with individual freedom.

The truth is no one knows what a public librarian is worth. It could be more, it could be less. Because the librarian does not earn a salary in the marketplace, aka the voluntary sector, it is impossible and absurd to calculate and assign a monetary value for her efforts. Money only has value and meaning in the private, division-of-labor based exchange of the marketplace. Public wage rates and prices are arbitrary sums appended to labor and services to emulate market phenomena and give the veneer of something economic to that which is decidedly not.

What if librarians are worth more than $100,000? Then Mr. Redlich's insane claim to being able to divine the value of a public librarian's efforts will result in a shortage that will cause an economic loss to the marketplace as a whole.

Furthermore, why cap salaries at $100,000? Over half a million is an outrage, but a salary cap at 2x the median wage is perfectly acceptable?

Political libertarians are just as ignorant, arbitrary and absurd as political anybody elses. They're an embarrassment to the ideas and ideals they claim to strive for.

Screw Redlich and his attempts to be a superior calculating socialist!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember voting for Andre in a presidential election. Libs need a better PR dept.