Friday, November 26, 2010

Better Blogging Chronicles 9 - Amazon Affiliate Links

That is the - Snap Circuits Rover and a great potential Christmas gift for my son, the Prince.

This time of year, and around birthdays, we are always getting bombarded with *what should I buy for your kids* questions from aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

Now if Nana does buy my son that cool edu-toy above, I hope that she'll click the link above and do it through


Because it's what's called an *affiliate link*. I signed my son up as an affiliate so he now gets 4% (or 6%) of all revenue he sends (via his and my blog links) to Amazon.

So if Nana, or anyone else for that matter, were to buy that Snap Circuits RC Rover the Prince would reap a windfall of $2-$3 and jump VERY HIGH. Y'all should have seen how psyched he was for the first 92 cent commission!

Furthermore, a customer doesn't even have to buy the specific product highlighted. For example, West Coast Tom could click the link above, decide against buying the wonderful Snap Circuits RC Rover and then go on and buy his regular $500 annual supply of male enhancement pills while still on In that case, Prince C-Nut would still reap a commission - a nice one too ($20-$30!).

Now no one is going to get rich as an Amazon affiliate - unless they sell some big ticket items like....houses!

But still I wanted to start using these links just to see what would happen. The links aren't at all intrusive, they were already on my blog without a kickback(!), and have really fueled my son's interest in his website, html coding, and making money.

One more example...

My mother recently had to buy $300 worth of textbooks off Amazon for her students. I informed her that if she had simply gone through one of my or my son's Amazon affiliate links it would have kicked back $18 to her grandson. And, obviously it wouldn't cost her anything at all! What grandmother wouldn't do this for her beloved grandchild? I've asked the aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends to order through our sites too - some have obliged already, while others, well the 'old coots', aren't really capable of online ordering.

So if you are planning on ordering from Amazon anyway, and want send a few quarters (or more!) to the Prince....just click on one of my Amazon links, then once at the site, search for whatever it was you were going to buy anyway. Any business would be sincerely appreciated.

Regular readers won't have a hard time finding my affiliate links, but I'm probably going to put a button or some standing Amazon link at the top to make it easier.

Only a Moron would not be regularly ordering from Amazon these days BECAUSE most of its items are cheaper than retail AND can be delivered FOR FREE to your doorstep in a couple of days.

See also my index of - Better Blogging Chronicles.


Paul Mitchell said...

I am guessing that the male enhancement pills might be a little much for a six year old to be promoting. Well, unless his father was giving him life lessons on how guys really want BIG junk.

*enhanced* west coast tom said...

Phew...glad Black Friday is over and my one year supply of male enhancement pills is procured! It was a close one!

CaptiousNut said...

You pay up for 1-day shipping?

Use Amazon and enlarge my son's little commission pile, will ya?