Friday, November 12, 2010

Post Office = Federally Subsidized Trash Dissemination System


Of course, that ain't really news to anyone with a clue.

Morons have all sorts of ideas to stem the tide: cut delivery to fewer days, raise postage rates, allow them to NOT FUND their future retiree benefits(!), etc.

But all that amounts to mere tinkering - rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

The US Post Office should simply be ABOLISHED, tomorrow.

We do not need mail. And if we do....a private company will arise to satisfy market demand.

Plus....taxpayer subsidized mail is an environmental disaster!

I seriously get pissed off when I see that guy in the white truck swing by my house, 6 days a week, and deposit trash on my property.

95% of which I just dump right into a receptacle, which is shortly thereafter emptied by another inefficient taxpayer-subsidized arm of the government.

Aliens from above must be watching this insanity and wondering if there might be another intelligent species SOMEWHERE ELSE in the universe.


Anonymous said...

Like so many people today I get all bills by email, pay online, etc.
One exception: the garbage company can't seem to be persuaded to NOT send snail mail bills.

CaptiousNut said...


Also freakin' hilarious!

I guess a trash company has to philosophically be FOR garbage.