Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yet Another Moronic Doctor!

From the article:

One year after the swine flu sickened, hospitalized and killed residents around the globe, this season's flu is so mild that state health officials aren't even tracking cases.

But this year, flu is barely on the radar screen. McCurtis was aware of only one case of seasonal flu that has been confirmed in Michigan...

Listen to this Moronic *doctor*:

An early surge of people have gotten flu shots at Dr. George Blum's offices in Bingham Farms and West Bloomfield. Blum, a pediatrician, has been trying to encourage others who are not interested in the flu shot to get it. Some people have concerns about the vaccine making people sick afterward and that is not true, Blum said.

"If everybody would get flu vaccines," Blum said, "there wouldn't be an epidemic every year."
There's an *epidemic* EVERY YEAR???

When, starting next year?!


DU said...

My hospital put this out:

"CCHMC employees really came through during the 2010 Flu Vaccination campaign, and did their part to ensure the safety of all who walk through our doors during flu season.

Not only did more than 99.92 percent of employees receive the flu vaccine and help make CCHMC as safe as possible during this flu season, but during their November visit, Joint Commission representatives called our campaign a "best in class" practice that other health care organizations should emulate.

"I believe this was an event of true leadership in improving child health, one that has been recognized as a best practice, and I am proud to have been part of it," said Terri Thrasher, Senior Director, Employee Health. "I think everyone involved with CCHMC should be proud, especially CCHMC leadership, who boldly led the way with this important step forward for safety.

Terri continued: "The consequences were significant, but I believe the vast majority of employees received the vaccine for the right reasons - to protect the safety of patients, families, visitors, and colleagues."

The consequence was getting fired.

CaptiousNut said...


Sorry you had to go through that. And I'm sure reading this blog didn't make it any easier to *swallow*!

These people are nothing short of unconscious Nazis.