Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Breathless Morons

I laughed real loud last night seeing an wire report that Donovan McNabb was benched because he lacked the cardiovascular endurance to run the 2-minute offense.

It's funny because who can forget how expertly Donovan ran the 2-minute offense in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots?

IT took him a full six minutes of the time-clock!

I believe back then his apologists referred to it as a mere *time management* issue...

The poor guy - he's been a good, durable player for a long time. He takes poop simply because he's not *great*.

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Justin Time said...

Same thing came to my mind when I heard this. This guy would've won the Superbowl if he had the ability to run a 2 minuted drill. And he was 5 years younger at the time.