Monday, November 29, 2010

Going Small?

That's a 2007 Volvo S40i. I may bid on one of those today. It has only 16k miles on it.

The Kelley Blue Book (private party) value is $16,200.

But in this economy stuff is trading below those figures. The question is *how much?* lower.

Yeah, at the moment scrapping the minivan idea and going for fuel efficiency in preparation for $5 a gallon gasoline. After all, we do have a Chevy Tahoe and my wife only needs a *train station* car - which I'll use on weekends for golf trips and whatnot.

Do any of y'all have any thoughts on or experience with this particular breed of automotive transportation?


ChopperPapa said...

Scrap the minivan - permanently. That leads down a path no red blooded American man wants to be on. First ai van, then your decorating it with wreaths, antlers, and garland for the holidays. Before long, your testicles will have disappeared.

There are somethings that just shouldn't be sacrificed for functionality.

CaptiousNut said...


No chance of any such transgenderization.

My motility score is 97%!

I have to put a *peace symbol* sticker on a Volvo though, right?

Paul Mitchell said...

C-Nut, catch all the Progressive stuff with a simple "Coexist" sticker. Then you are good.

Crave said...

I thought that 15mpg bus of yours was the fuel efficient vehicle. Shouldn't that prepare you for $5/gal gas? Or are you starting to realize that the people with real fuel efficient cars were possibly remotely on to something? I think you have to ditch the volvo idea and stay true to your 2008 ideals.

CaptiousNut said...

Guy accepted my 15k bid just now.

This is the most I've spent for anything in my entire life!

CaptiousNut said...


Most people who are single have small cars so they get no bonus IQ points. But few with 2+ kids have tiny cars!

I'm trading oil and currencies here...