Monday, November 15, 2010

Fire Island - Good Ratios and Mucho Dinero

Guess what....I think that is actually IT - the entire school district!

Well, not exactly.

Some guy today, an independent educator, told me he periodically teaches classes out there on that sandbar where Barney Frank hangs out.

He said that in grades K through 2nd....there were only about 6 kids, TOTAL.

As an expensive NY beach town/destination, Fire Island certainly has a nice property tax base.

Except no one lives there year-round (outside of some Coast Guard families).

Therefore the district spends something insane, like $50,000 per pupil annually!

I assume there's some (state?) ridiculous law that requires this town to have a fully-equipped school system - replete with special ed, handicap ramps, a nurse, a librarian, administrators, etc.

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