Friday, November 05, 2010

Worst Election Night Imagery!

Gee, thanks for the visual/aural Ann!

You know, when I lived on South Street in Philadelphia I had three inverts living next door to me AND two living right below me!

The ones next door were scared to death of me, so I heard.

And the ones below hated me. I once heard them refer to me as a "f*%$ing breeder"!

They hated me because they bedded down in a loft that was inches from the ceiling - my first level floor.

And I would come back from boozing - but only 5-6 nights a week - and start chipping and putting on the carpeted floor right above their their *cuddle pile*. I had some metal golf cup that let out a nice DING every time a ball hit it - and THAT really pissed them off.

Thankfully, I myself never heard any celebratory din from my neighbors.


Paul Mitchell said...

You read Coulter? Oh great, I got another racist friend.

CaptiousNut said...

Cannot remember the last time I read her. And this goes with my *diet of selective ignorance* and my converted effort to avoid all contemporary political nonsense.

I saw something that indicted Palin for favoriting a Coulter Tweet or some BS....and it piqued my curiosity. So I checked in.

There's no one I read regularly, I don't think. My Google Reader has 500 *unread items* in it at the moment.

And, not for nuthin'....I put all that effort into the post to be called an *invert-phobe* - not a racist!

Paul Mitchell said...

By the way, I never miss a column or book or interview. I lurve me some Ann.