Thursday, November 11, 2010

At Least Another ONE Out There!

There just aren't that many *homeschool dads* out there - I don't think.

Although the other day, while pondering my absence from the nominees for the Best Homeschool Dad Blog Award, I did come across another male who looks like a very active homeschooling parent - Almighty Dad.

Get this he also went to HS in Massachusetts and he's the exact same age as I am.

The similarities continue:

Look at that, he's almost as ripped as me!

I think he's a martial arts instructor or something so he'd probably last more than a round with me...

From what I can tell, his blog is well-written and widely-read and, surprise, surprise, he also sports a pagerank of 4.


Anonymous said...

Almost as ripped as you? Dude, that photo you have for your profile has been up for years. Kind of like how fat women always use a photo from 1995.

Anne Galivan said...

Well I for one enjoy your picture and choose to believe you are still that ripped...and if so you are definitely more ripped than that guy.

BTW, my husband also has an outstanding bod. The way I grew up, my older brother, my cousins, even my dad all worked out on a regular basis. My husband is the same way. Love his biceps.

I don't get it when men don't work out but that's just what I grew up with.

Very cool that there is another home-school dad blogger. I'll have to check it out.

CaptiousNut said...


I first posted that pic of my midriff in September of 2008 - only 2 years ago.

I guess reading Marginalizing Morons goes by in *dog years* or something!

FYI, I've had a 4 pound weight range since as long as I can remember (since HS?).


I don't get it when ANYONE (male or female) doesn't work out. What it does for energy and outlook alone (forget looks) is the best ROI on earth. And that's almost a direct quote from Stephen Covey (7 Habits...) too.

CaptiousNut said...


GO TO BED, will ya?!

Keith Wilcox said...

HAHA! Well, you're right. I'm not as ripped as you. I was a 150lb runner/martial artist just a few years ago so it took quite a bit of effort to put on actual muscle. I was the opposite of one of those fat guys who works out to lose weight. I worked out to gain weight :-). Thanks so much for writing about me!

CaptiousNut said...


Yeah....and gaining weight is actually a whole lot harder than losing it (for a naturally thin person).

I know a young lady who's a size zero and people all the time come up to her and blurt, "You're soooo thin...", etc.

But she's been trying her whole life to gain weight and is annoyed by these remarks.

Not to mention, it's a double-standard. One can't exactly go up to a porker and say "You're soooo darned FAT..."