Monday, November 29, 2010

The Prince Can't...

Always trumpeting the accomplishments and capabilities of my homeschooled son, the 6.03 year old Prince in this space....I think it's good to highlight where he lags.

  • Prince C-Nut still cannot pump on the swing! What can I say? He just has no interest even though his sister has been doing it since she was 3 (I think). I put him on, reluctantly give him one push and insist that if he wants to stay on he has to self-propel. Guess what, he just hops off when it slows down!

  • My son is still not completely independent in the *a$$-wiping* department. And this may be my fault because, always pre-empting messes and leery of the 1-ply cheap-@SS toilet tissue here, I haven't completely weaned him off help in this department. The fact is, the boy only poops weekly....and we're always home together.

  • The Prince can be as lazy and as slow as sin! Tell him to clean up his room or get dressed and if you aren't over his shoulder, whip-in-hand, it may take him 15 freakin' minutes!

  • The Prince can't ride a bike yet.

  • And he's only average at sports for his age - which is sort of a failure coming from my DNA pool. Although more and more I'm beginning to hate the *time* sports robbed me of and am probably slightly guilty of de-emphasizing ball games and whatnot.

    kevin said...

    check out run bikes also called balance bikes ... once one of your kids master one of these there won't be a need for training wheels once they graduate to a regular bike

    CaptiousNut said...


    WOW. So simple, and so ingenious!

    I have to take a closer look at those even if my kids are probably past the ideal age. Thanks a bunch.

    Anne Galivan said...

    Those stats are not so atypical for boys whose motor skills definitely lag behind girls.

    My 8-year old also still doesn't quite get the swinging thing but we no longer have a swing at the house so he doesn't get much exposure.

    He didn't learn to ride a bike until he was 7 and I'm with you on the butt-wiping. I'd rather have him clean since I'm the one doing the laundry but my older kids taught him and so he is independent with that now too.

    Haven't put him in any organized sports yet because I don't have the time with still having a sixteen-year old to keep up with. He does play ball (football, baseball) with his brothers outside and occasionally hits the ball at the tennis courts with my husband.

    When he gets a little older he will definitely learn golf. My 22-year old is working towards becoming a pro so can teach him. It is actually one of the best sports for kids because EVERYONE GETS TO PLAY. None of the politics crap that I have had to deal with, with my 16-year old baseball player.

    Lloyd Christmas said...

    Maybe he'd be better at sports if you signed him up for some (like football, track or basketball). Also, I never learned how to read/ride a bike until I was 27 and I still can't swim.

    So since your son can't wipe, does that make you the official ass-wiper of the house?

    CaptiousNut said...


    Others do it occasionally (first wife and MIL), but they don't do such a good job.

    I have an advanced patent-pending, pinch-and-re-wipe system that I've honed over the years....unlike that buddy of mine.