Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mutual Foreclosure Hatred


One of my operatives just sent me this pic of a row home in *Fishtown*.

Where's that?

Well, Fishtown is a neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia. It's not the worst section of Philly, as that's a super competitive division(!), but it's kind of rundown and seedy. Put it this way - there's no market for *dental services* there!

I once dated a young broad from F-town....but she dumped ME unceremoniously!

Obviously this sign was born out of more than just bad customer service over a bounced check or something.

I'm right sure it's a *foreclosure* situation.

And meanwhile, somewhere in a Bank of America corporate office there's no doubt a sign or a memo:

We Hate Fishtown...It's Full Of Deadbeats Who Lied About Their Income!

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