Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Birthday Parties For Spoiled Brats

So there's this supposedly cool Sony Wonder Lab in Manhattan...

My son loves science and technology and his birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks.

The decision has already been made to keep it small this year to give our budget a break. After all, he's going to be six and really doesn't care how big his party is. All he wants it to be *six*, have a cake, and get a handful of presents. The larger, more expensive parties down the road will be inevitable as we get more socially immersed on Long Island...

One idea my wife had was to take him and a friend or two down to this Sony Wonder Lab. That may or may not actually happen.

But, just so y'all know, it does in fact host birthday parties.

For a mere $3,500 your spoiled child can have a 20-person party there!!!


Anne Galivan said...

I am such a *bad* mother that it has been years since I have given any of my kids a birthday party. Just so you know CNut, it is not a requirement for parenthood. And it's much easier on your budget.

Another thing: if you get kids used to having a birthday party, they expect it every year. So nip that in the bud now.

Our birthday tradition is: the child gets to pick their birthday dinner. If I feel like cooking and they want me to cook, then we do that (believe it or not I've had my son request my chicken and dumplings - yes, it's that good!) More often than not we get take-out from a nice restaurant...or pizza if they prefer.

Of course, there is cake and presents. My 8-year old has never had a "birthday party" per se. He gets so excited just having his birthday with us, it doesn't occur to him that he is "missing out."

CaptiousNut said...

Maybe I'll treat my son...

Maybe I'll let him go on those kid game sites I never allow?

He'd love that!

And if you email me that chicken and dumplings recipe....that could complete his *web* party.

OldJohn said...

I don't like the dinner idea!