Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Newlywed Numerologists

A few weeks ago I attended the baptism of my niece and nephew.

I was BS'ing with the priest and asked him why that day, a Saturday, the church was free for him to do a private baptism.

After all, October is the most popular month for weddings. I'll bet y'all thought it was June, right?

It turns out, a handful of couples wanted him to marry them the next day, Sunday October 10th.

Now why is that? Sunday weddings are a pain in the arse for anyone that has to travel. Not to mention, more than a few people, close relatives(!) might be unable to attend on account of their pagan worship of an American football team. Catholics, so far as I can tell, simply do not do Sunday weddings.

Except this particular Sunday would read "10/10/10" on the invitations. And that symmetrical date must have appealed to more than a few pinheaded couples!

Priest - They all wanted 10/10...

CaptiousNut - What, are they numerologists or something?


I know someone who waited a whole other year, drawing the engagement out to 1.57 years because they were dead-set on a having a June wedding.

Guess what....it freakin' POURED - ALL WEEKEND LONG that long-awaited June.

May God curse the unions of those numeric pagans!

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