Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All Sorts Of Dog Lovers!

(Photo removed)

I assume y'all know that they eat *dog* in places like Vietnam, no?

This guy's Flickr photos of a dog being *slaughtered, deboned, eviscerated,...* on the street by a sous chef were banned by the site - much like my rodent drowning on YouTube.

Don't be a weak-stomached wimp - click the link and check out his edifying slideshow.

Shoot....I had two *hot dogs* for lunch today!

(Link Removed)


Loupiote said...


thanks for linking my dog series in your article "all sorts of dog lovers".

however, i must ask you to remove the dog photo that you posted, since you
cropped out my copyright watermark, which i do not authorize.

please replace this image using the embed code that you can find on my
website (when you click "Get Code" or "Download Image").

if you don't, i will unfortunately have to fill a DMCA notice with google /
blogger against you, and this might cause your google account and blog to be

please acknowledge that you received this email and that you will comply



Loupiote said...
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