Thursday, April 22, 2010

After Brown and Yellow....Green

It's always an adventure, you know, in these *comfort stations*.

Will there be manually-dispensed paper towels, an automatic dispenser, or an empty dispenser?

Or will it be one of those ridiculous air-dryers? One of those supersonically loud ones....or one of those weak-a$$ older ones where you have to shake and rub your hands with abandon to get them half-dry?

Long ago I decided that I just couldn't take the all the mysterious excitement of how I'd have to dry off in unfamiliar bathrooms. So I go with a shake, trouser-wipe, and drip-dry methodology everytime, no matter the cornucopia of options.

All these places are trying to be *green* or *cheap* with air-dryers...

I just can't imagine those air-dryers don't use up a lot of electricity - especially that new one that so disturbingly powerful it could blow your merkin off - the so-called XLERATOR.

I say let everyone do as I do - let them dry off on their own slacks. Is it in the health code or something that public bathrooms must provide some device for drying?

They say that one-third of men don't even wash their hands in the bathroom.

I'll take the (way) OVER of that!


Paul Mitchell said...

I could have gone the rest of my life NOT knowing what a merkin was.

CaptiousNut said...

You know what?

I had the definition wrong in my head until this post.

I had mistakenly thought that it was a wig made of pubic hair....FOR ONE'S HEAD.

I figured it was the Middle Ages, people were bald, the raw material was in good supply, and that *curly* was hip.

So how ever bad you think it is....I had thought it was much worse!

I decided to leave the word in the post because, well, it still sort of fit.

Paul Mitchell said...

I am going to stay ambivalent on which one is actually worse, I am trying NOT to think about either. But, let's call it a tie.