Monday, April 26, 2010

Siding With The FDA Fascists

My beloved MIL does not believe in the notion of *expired food*.

Sour milk, green cheeses, spices from the 1970s....none of it fazes her.

The other day she asked me to help her open a package of salami. The first thing I did was check the date. It had expired on February 10th, roughly 75 days ago. I refused told her I couldn't open it. She figured it out somehow and promptly made a frittata for her family with it! (I abstained, thank you.)

Now I'm up blogging in the wee hours of the morning and getting rather hungry. We have the best bagels on Earth here in the kitchen along with cream cheese and tomatoes. All I need is some bacon to stuff in the middle and I think I recall seeing a slab of it in the fridge.

Alas, I discover that it too is well past its time. Expired March 5th, some 50 days ago.

Would you eat that? Would you risk serving it to your kids?

By no means am I a Big Government apologist, but I'm going go with them and their *dates* on this one.

One of these days, my MIL is going to send her whole family to *the latrines*!

(My parents are pretty bad in this area as well - but more with antique condiments, cereal, liquors, and whatnot. Heck, all these 'old coots' flout the FDA.)

UPDATE - Before I could publish this post, my MIL arose and started frying that fresh bacon up! It's nice to know she was SAVING it for us but still...

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