Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mice Body Count - 13


I thought I had smelled something funny in my bedroom for the past few weeks - and I discovered the cause last night.

Two things at work here. One, my wife and I agreed to *stop feeding* the rodents in our walls and ceilings. It was better to just hear them scampering ALL NIGHT LONG than to hear them get stuck in and flop around loudly in my baited glue traps each and every early morning.

Secondly, I had run out of the BIG *rat size* traps and so did Lowes. So I had to go with the smaller *mouse size* ones. It turns out they were wholly ineffective - or so I thought until removing the rotting corpse of intruder #13.

My deadbeat landlord slumlord has been out of the country, in fact allegedly on a mission to Haiti, for the past week plus. NEVER have my wife and I enjoyed living here so much as when he's been gone! THAT is how much of a PIA he is. (He's here a lot because he runs his subprime *fraud* operations from a detached office on my property.)

But I fully expect when he returns for legal proceedings to re-commence. Recall that I did not pay him April rent because we lost our hot water and he NEVER even sent a plumber over. There's just simply no way we should have to pay (full rent) to this about-to-be-foreclosed-upon jerk given his full record of tenant torture. A judge will sort that all out.

And given that I expect to be in court in the next few weeks, I think it wise to have a fresh batch of rodents for evidentiary leverage. Note also I have re-deployed my cage traps in the *wide-open* basement; they are baited with crunchy peanut butter and corned beef which I bought on sale after St. Patrick's Day. Hopefully I can land me another rat!

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