Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eviction Chronicles - Bankruptcy Filing

This afternoon I skimmed through my landlord's glorious 88 page bankruptcy filing. (This stuff is all online now.)

Recall he originally filed essentially at midnight before the house I rent was supposed to be auctioned off in late March. That tactic delayed foreclosure for what was originally advertised as 2 months - though it seems it'll take longer because the lender is *inefficient*. After the original filing, all the creditors are alerted and have to get in line for their share of the remaining assets/income (zero divided by...). And right before this date arrived, the deadbeat scumbag got the court date pushed back yet again, claiming he needed *more time* to enumerate his debts.

BUT, his time came last week.

Right off the bat, on page one, I busted a gut laughing:


Pursuant to Rule 1009 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, the above captioned Debtor submits the following amendment to the original Matrix. Attached as Exhibit A are creditors who were inadvertently omitted from the original matrix and but which creditors appeared on the Debtor's schedules which were filed on April...

Okay, so he *inadvertently* forgot some of his debts - no surprise there, given their number.

BUT guess who's listed first - HIS BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY!!!

Apparently, my landlord has only paid $1,100 of a $2,500 bill. So the unctuous Moronic lawyer has listed himself as owed $1,400.

Now why would that be an amendment to the original claim? And why would a lawyer only take $1,100 upfront for a $2,500 bankruptcy filing from a guy who he knows well is BANKRUPT?

Check this out (click to enlarge):

In a section where the knucklehead is declaring *assets* or whatever he lists that he rents a safe deposit box. What's in it? Or, what WAS in it?

*Nothing* he asserts!

Which of you Morons out there actually believe him?

Alright, here's a better one. Click to enlarge this graphic:

Cash on hand = $10!

One man's watch = $400!

On the *eviction* front it's kind of quiet for the moment anyway.

Yesterday I had my landlord served with a list of grievances and my expressed intent to *not pay rent* until they were addressed. He's already been copiously notified by both me and the local authorities but I figured it couldn't hurt to be thorough. I expect to receive from him another court summons in the next few days. I expect he'll be taking me to court to try to collect rent and/or evict me yet again.

Good luck to him!

Oh yeah I almost forgot. I scored another victory against him this week. I got the town to issue a *cease & desist* order against him. He's no longer allowed to run his shady lending operations from the detached office building on my property. They've threatened to fine him $100 a day if he continues to violate the local residential zoning laws.

Twice, TWICE in the past few weeks I actually offered him MONEY to move out of the office building. He's that annoying that I would go in my pocket to not have to see his mug everyday outside my window, in my driveway, etc. I offered him the $867 water bill (I'd eat it) after our coerced mediation. And then again 1.5 weeks ago I offered him $1,500 to vacate the property altogether.

And in both of my (email) offers I threatened, "...take it because (the building inspector) is going to boot you out anyway."

That was a bit of a bluff because I had been stiff-armed in my attempts to get the town to act; and he called me on it both times. But then my persistence finally paid off. Let's just say it took a whole lot of strategy, resourcefulness, and arm-twisting to get it done. EVERYONE, including my wife and a wired local attorney, told me to 'drop it' and that I 'had no chance'. I refused to. Don't any of y'all ever bet against me in a war-of-wills or a staredown or anything.

For the prior installment see - Eviction Chronicles - Served Again!.


Paul Mitchell said...

What a pain in the hiney. How's your golf game?

CaptiousNut said...

We all need a villain to direct our *worst* at!

Golf season is just starting here. Only 3-4 rounds played so far.

This reminds me I have to update my golf blog.