Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thirsty And Marketable

Who's that? Who's that *pious-looking* gal?

Well, I'm informed that she's a famous centerfold type. One who actually holds an *...of the Year* distinction.

I have no idea what she's doing hanging out with those clowns.

But I'm told she's now in the *trading* business.

Apparently she's a personal assistant for some big shot day-trader.

Get this, the guy, a 65-year old 'old coot' pays her $120,000 a year.

"Pays her for what?", you might ask.

"To bring him girls"!!!

Girls for what???

"Girls for him to spank, only."

Yeah, sure. Supposedly the 'old coot' does alright. The religious girl with the cross on her CHEST says he makes 25k per day or something.

Much thanks to my secret informant for this one!


Anonymous said...

needless to say, not the conversation i was expecting to have with her...

Anonymous said...

oh, those are real too - i know first hand (bad pun).

Anonymous said...

we went out last weekend. she told me the guy lost 80k on tuesday and 60 on thursday...ouch.

west coast single guy said...

UPDATE - we're no longer *dating* - kinda' sucks since she was friggin' smokin'.