Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inverting The Pillars Of Civilization

Hah! That's a snapshot of an article, in the New York Times of course. Yeah, let's have the kids raise the parents!

Don Boudreaux responds...."First, clean your room!" and:

Today’s prattling by young people about how awfully dirty the globe is reflects not kids’ "inherent" tuning-in to the global environment but, instead, their indoctrination – performed by teachers and popular media – into the Church of Gaia.

But let's remember, that parents who *outsource* the mind control of their children to government agents....they aren't innocent here and might even have forfeited their right to complain about said indoctrination.

Of course, I get to complain because I have to pay for it!

Thanks to Taylor for doing the dirty work here - for mining the NYT and forwarding me the link.

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