Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Attachment Parent Of The Year Award

Earlier today in a *dated* post I revealed my since-exorcised unease with *attachment parenting*.

Check out this pic I took recently:

Now there's a multi-tasking *attached parent* if I ever saw one!

She's teaching a homeschool co-op class AND feeding her 2.75 year old an organic lunch.

Though I failed to capture the funniest shot.

It was a botany class for real young'uns and the book she was reading was therefore about plants. She got to a part that dealt with usage and asked the kids to point out things in the room made of *wood*. In the middle of the kids' outbursts, the nursing daughter got to thinking and pointed her arm straight up, through the neck in her mother's shirt and declared that the ceiling was made of *wood*.

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