Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Expert-Religion, Losing Parishioners

Natural News, one of my new most favoritest sites, has its list of 10 Biggest Healthcare Lies In America. There are no surprises there - to anyone who's ever read Health Ranger Mike Adams before. I just wanted to highlight this particular one:

Lie #3) Doctors are experts in health

Doctors don't even study health; they study disease. Modern doctors are taught virtually nothing about nutrition, wellness or disease prevention. Expecting a doctor to guide you on health issues is sort of like expecting your accountant to pilot a jet airliner -- it's simply not something he or she has ever been trained in.

That's not to say doctors aren't intelligent people. Most of them have high IQs. But even a genius can't teach you something they know nothing about.

This is an important point. One doesn't ask a 30-on-1 government school teacher for advice on homeschooling or individualized education - no matter how many *years of experience* they claim.

One doesn't ask a sharp-dressed, middle-aged, flippant real estate agent for her outlook on the housing market - nor a commission-collecting stock broker financial adviser skimmer for his S&P 500 forecast.

And only a Moron would consult a pear-shaped doctor in matters of preventative *health*!


DU said...

They are very smart and know a lot of information. Philosophically, many are infants if not morons. They believe what they are told to believe, do what they are told to do, and seem lack or fear using common sense.

About 3 years ago I was so upset at one MD not listening to reason that I said, "I bet you believe in 'global warming' too." He or she was nonplussed like they are trained to be.

CaptiousNut said...


It's specialization run amok.

Societally, we need a return to polymathy and the Marginalization of these extremists.