Monday, April 12, 2010

How To Unclog A Garbage Disposal

As a consequence of my deadbeat landlord's *deferred maintenance*....I'm learning a lot about fixing stuff around the house: infestations, flooded basements, re-lighting hot water tanks, etc.

I've had two clogged sinks for some time now that the scumbag has refused to fix. I could always call a plumber, pay them to take care of the problems, and then deduct the bill from my rent. The only problem is, now I probably won't be paying any more rent. So everything I pay comes directly out of my pocket.

Today I unclogged my kitchen sink's garbage disposal - a Badger 7.

All that I had to do was insert a 1/4 inch allen wrench underneath it and turn it 90 degrees. That freed up whatever it was that had jammed it. Instantly, I could hear the water gushing down the drain.

I wrote this post because significant Googling did not reveal this very simple solution. Perhaps others will find this post and save themselves some time, effort, and a plumber's bill. Although the solution ended up being easy, that doesn't mean I didn't bend over backwards trying to figure it out!

Be sure to unplug the disposal before jamming any metal tools into it.

Next up - I'm going to have to kill three hornets' nests that have appeared in my storage shed. At least in that deparment, I have some experience.


Justin Time said...

Gee, this is a gray area whether you deserve any sympathy on this one. Granted, your landlord sounds like a no-good, deadbeat scumbag.

But is he really responsible for unclogging the garbage disposal that you clogged up?

Where does it end? If you walked across the carpet with muddy boots, should he have to pay for a rug shampoo?

This is why I am not a landlord.

Anonymous said...

Go to the hardware store & get one of those metal filters that goes in the drain in the sink. Since I started using one I have not had a problem in 3 years. To be real annal fill up the sink to the top with water (& may be a few big pots too)and the turn on the disposal to keep junk from gathering in your pipes.

Grumpy MBA said...

Town law says you are not supposed to have a garbage disposal.... so maybe you can turn in your landlord for that....

CaptiousNut said...


I would never be a landlord either!

Note this is the first time the disposal got stuck like this and wouldn't reset in 2.70 years. I, unlike my wife, don't jam everything down the drain. I'm a meticulous plate-scraper.


I already had him cited by the Board of Health for illegal disposals. They sent him certified mail which he refused to go pick it up. When he gets back to town they said they will *serve* him.

I could have fixed this one way or another a while back. But I have to protect myself against the inevitable legal proceeding in which I will need to demonstrate gross landlord neglect. He was notified of this problem weeks ago and did nothing. The incident is documented, photographed, and now court-ready.