Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who Wants To Be An Exterminator?

My back has been aching so I did a rare thing and laid down in front of the color television this afternoon.

And I came across a great new show:

Since I've been battling rodents in my rental house I have somewhat of an interest in this subject now. Heck, one of my buddies found a mouse and the first thing he did was call me, an incipient expert, for infestation advice!

But this show was stomach-turning awesome. They're based in semi-tropical Louisiana so they have a wide variety of critters crawling through the cracks: snakes, beavers, bats, roaches, armadillos, alligators, etc.

They ran three shows in a row so I got a nice taste of the vermin. In the first one, Billy trapped a skunk and got sprayed trying to collect the trap!

In that same episode, some young girl living in a trailer on a zoo complained about mice. Billy went out and found evidence of mice everywhere and set traps. She has also reported having a mouse problem in her *lingerie drawer*! Can you imagine that?

So Billy set a trap in there too.

He came back and found dead mice in all his traps. Up in her bedroom he reached under a dresser to check a trap when he GOT BIT BY A DECENT SIZED SNAKE! It's fangs went right through his glove and his brother had to grab the snake and de-fang him. The chick? She ran so far out of the room they had to go looking for her. Can you imagine a young lady that not only had to grab her panties each morning out of a *shared* drawer, but she also now has to go to sleep knowing there was a king snake in her bedroom? (Apparently, it followed the mice up through the hole in the floor they made.)

Billy also hit two *shacks* that were overrun by thousands of cockroaches. People were actually living in these houses at the time. There was trash everywhere and dead rats whose corpses were picked down to the bone by roaches.

I set up my DVR to grab the upcoming shows.

See also where my adventure began - Rodents.

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