Saturday, April 17, 2010

Honey-Do List

The last couple of days I've been busy, er re-deployed.

My wife has ordered me to write up (in book form) everything we've done so far in raising and homeschooling our kids.

Could you even sell that?

I don't think so. Maybe. I guess it depends on how informative it ends up being and, potentially, how our kids turn out. For example, if the Prince aced the SAT at age 9 or something....I'll bet that such a book, if ever finished, would become instantly marketable.

Still, parenting and education books are a dime a dozen. The ebook route has the advantage of *profit margin* but also runs the risk of piracy. Traditional paper books have possibly greater reach, but might fetch a mere $1 or so in profit. One idea I have to increase the economic viability of such an endeavor is to bundle an option for personal email support with the text. Raise the book up to $50 but that will buy email/phone support as well. I don't know; that's really looking too far ahead. Job one is to write it up and see whether or not I even have enough insightful content.

In fact I'd already been cataloging my homeschooling insights in some Google Docs, but was convinced I didn't have enough to fill up too many pages. After all, what I do is rather simple and well within the capabilities of most parents. I just enforce more discipline and put in more effort. But my wife convinced me, or at least got me to re-assess how much content I really do have - and I've come to agree with her. And if it only turns out to be 50 pages then that's fine. I have several other book ideas.

One thing I've discovered is that while I've covered most of what I do with my kids on this blog, the content is IMPOSSIBLE to find. Heck, if I can't find it then who could?

A year ago I resolved to write a work of fiction. I did get started on a few ideas, one of which went quite far in the outline process. But of course that *pipe dream* stalled out. I've just got too many ideas and insufficient focus. Should I start a private school? Should I pimp myself out as a high-end tutor? Should I try to ramp up this blog? Etc. As my kids get older, my free time is returning!

Realize at the same time I'm trying to homeschool my kids and enjoy a mild dose of peace here and there. I need focus. That's the alleged shortcoming of this blog. And that was the explicit accusation from Mrs. C-Nut. Even if it goes nowhere, this *next* first book that is.

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