Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bird-Blender Malfunction!

I know I wouldn't want to live near one of those so-called wind farms!

So between that NIMBY aversion....and the drowning....I guess I have a couple of things in common with underworld newcomer Ted Kennedy.

Too bad there's not a pure play stock on *windmill insurance*. Now THAT would be a short!

Except that its losses would obviously be born by taxpayers.

Instead, short the dollar, short Treasuries. (It may be time for me to look at TBT again.)


Anonymous said...

raWhen ever one of the turbines "disintigrate", their loss is not that great since the rate and tax payers bankroll about 70% of their development cost. Then they get accelerated depreciation where 100%is covered, as they scam the people. In the 80's, one developer from Palm Springs took $100K to DC to get the tax credits. Once they got their nose in the public trough, they have managed to keep it there with their misrepresentation of their horse and buggy technology, never having to reveal their actual miniscule production.
"We the People" just get the bill!
There has been no scientific study to verify all their claims on their website AWEA, so they just make things up, knowing no one will ever challenge them.
Since we have a corrupt [and uninformed] media and politicians that now believe consensus is science, where the Government has no qualms in spending and giving away our hard earned dollars to anyone that gives them some back. As they go down this path, they don't care that in a couple of years three things will happen:
1. By relying on wind and solar, they are putting our energy supply at risk and we will be experiencing black outs.
2. The rates will be so high that people and business' will not be able to afford the energy prices, especially if Cap and Tax passes, stifling job growth.
3. With all the Government spending,[squandering our money], the bankruptcy of the Nation.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good site for you haters. This looks like it blows up my case for wind. But it doesn't. I'm not saying wind or any "alternative" energy is going to replace fossil fuels or become the primary source of power. What I'm looking at is how profitable a turbine can be. And properly sited (i.e. not on top of someone's home), they work.

Anyway, here is what appears to be a good site for all news wind. And for you guys, it is mostly negative.


While there is a ton of anti-wind propaganda (in terms of inefficiency, weak output, etc.) there is no data backing up those claims.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes there is data and I have it, that prove that wind is an expensive, miserable and abject failure and scam. I have 15 years of wind production records right from the people that buy it...Edison. That show that all the windmills near Palm Springs, about 4,000+/- only generate an average of 100-/+ MW per year. 6 MW at peak time, 33 MW mid-peak and 61 MW off-peak, intermittently. I would gladly email them to you or you can go to wind-watch.org or windaction.org and you will be able to get them from their document section, or e-mail me at bobweit@msn.com.
I think that you wind developers are finding that you can't get away with all your misrepresentions and out right lies like you did a few years ago, like as to amount of pollution saved. That you can generate power for 250K homes, when you can't provide power for even one. And it was because of me, that finally you all are admitting and it is being mentioned in artles that back up power is needed, the same anount as installed capacity, because when the wind surge stops, then what? You still need the same amont on stand by ready to take over and since wind is irratic, power from conventional sources has to fill in to keep the grid even, otherewise if there are surges, there go all the computers!
It's true that most people haven't a clue as to how the power gets to their light switch and you devised propaganda very cleverly to take advantage of them!

Anonymous said...

i love this site. morons commenting about those they think are morons. using propaganda with no data claiming knowledge making statements with no proof and promoting their own agenda which is just as delusional as any pro green theory out there as if they ran the studies that prove wind and solar are productive or not productive.

CaptiousNut said...


And then you have those Morons who can't stand anything about me and this site, yet spend their precious time consuming it...